B737NG simulator competition rules

Slovak division in cooperation with www.simulatorcentrum.sk invites you to participate in competition giving you a chance to win free or discounted flight on a fixed base Boeing 737NG simulator in Bratislava.

In order to join this competition, you should participate at events, online-days, exams or trainings organized by our division. You will be given 1 point for each of them. At the end of this year, points will be counted and prizes awarded as follows:

  • 1st place (the most points) – 5 hours on the simulator free of charge
  • 2nd place – 2 hours on the simulator free of charge
  • 3rd place – 1 hour on the simulator free of charge
  • 4th place – 40% discount for 2 „adventures“ of winners choice
  • 5th place – 30% discount for 1 „adventure“ of winners choice

Awards are for 1 person only, in cockpit with an instructor. They can be claimed all at once or splitted one hour/adventure at a time. It is required to schedule your session(s) in advance just like a regular customer.

In case of multiple contestants who has achieved the same ammount of points, the one who achieved his last point earlier will be the winner, taking days into account. In case of contestants achieving their last point on the same day, we will organise a camera recorded drawing to judge who will be the winner.

In addition, all participants collecting at least 10 points will be awarded with either „Pilot event“ or „ATC event“ badge on their profile.

The competition closes at the end of year 2016, precisely on 31.12.2016 at 23:59 central european time (UTC+1hour). All reports after that deadline will not be taken into account

To meet criteria for awarding a point, you should precisely follow the RULES below.

PILOTS are obligated to complete at least 30-minute flight (the time between takeoff and landing is counted) complying with VFR, IFR or combination of them. The flight has to be at least partially performed in Slovak airspace controlled by active ATC during division event, onlineday, exam or training.

After the flight is completed, a report has to be filed -here- . In case of flight in uncontrolled airspace in Slovakia, no point can be issued. Therefore are pilots supposed to write up ATC units controlling their flight in „Remarks“ field of their report.

ATCs ought to control ONLY on position that they have GCA for. Minimal time of their virtual „shift“ is 30 minutes. There is also a requirment of providing services to at least 1 aircraft during their duty. therefore They are requested to state the callsign of aircraft in their report, which should be filed -here- .