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V Utorok 17:00z

Welcome to Slovak Republic Divison of IVAO

Slovak Republic was established on January 1st, 1993 after Czechoslovakia had been split up to Czech and Slovak Republic. Slovakia, independent and democratic country, has now more than 5.4 million inhabitants. The biggest and capital city is Bratislava (LZIB) which is located near Czech, Austrian and Hungarian borders, right on the riverside of the river Danube.

There are many beautiful places in Slovakia, but Slovaks are really proud on their highest mountains called Vysoke Tatry with the highest altitude of 2,655 meters above the mean sea level. If you wish to see them, come to fly from or to LZTT airport. It is situated right next to the mountains and you will have a great time enjoying the view.

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AIRAC effective 25-MAY-2017

The new AIRAC became effective on 25-MAY-2017. Changes can be found in LZZI and ENR GND-FL245 charts.